AVID Signing Day

Friday, May 3rd, all AVID classes gathered together to celebrate the seniors continuing their education in the fall. All attendees were able to listen to all the seniors announce their name, college they were signing to, and their major. The colleges/universities ranged form UCLA to SJSU. Many students planned attending a certain university along with some of their classmates. Along with promising to work hard the next four years, our Panthers promised to reach out to their peers in time of need.

“I chose UC Berkeley to further my education because I have heard it to be describes as an academic Disneyland. I want to be able to take part in a diverse set of activities and have a little fun while I’m at it. I also want to challenge myself past what I believe my limits to be.” Omar Mata, (University of California, Berkeley, biological sciences with emphasis in bio chemistry and molecular biology)


“I chose to go to SJ because I would be able to teach general ed, Spanish, and math classes. This campus is also beautiful and one of my closest friends is attending here.” Brigette Vargas Hernandez (San Jose State University, liberal studies)




















“I applied to four years, but didn’t get into my top choices so going to Orange Coast seemed like a good option for more opportunities. Also, I have family there, so I would be able to stay here.” Nathalia Gomez (Orange Coast College with plans to transfer to UCLA, biology)
“They have a good wine program and I’m excited to try it!” Fátima Chavez (Fresno State University, viticulture)















“I will be attending Fresno State this fall because it’s better financially for me. I also love how it is so diverse and they have a Circle K club, which is basically a Key Club for college students.” Ana Bañuelos, right (Fresno State University, liberal studies)