Armed Teachers

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Pioneer Valley has been a safe school but would it be even more safe to arm our teachers? If the school allowed our teachers to carry pepper spray, a taser, or a gun which do you think they will choose? Well I asked a few of our teachers and got some of their responses.

“I wouldn’t carry anything because I don’t think anything major would happen at this school. Yes we have had some scares in the past but I wouldn’t like to have to worry about carrying a gun or something.” (Mr. Brown)

“I would not carry a gun or anything that can cause any harm because I don’t want to have the responsibilities of having them. With a pepper spray too I feel like I would spray myself instead so no, I wouldn’t carry any of the objects.” (Ms. Davis)

“I don’t think I would have or carry any of those things. I wouldn’t like it.”(Ms. Duran)


“I personally would only carry pepper spray IF the situation presented itself because it would be the object that would cause less harm to the person…I wouldn’t carry or have a gun or taser with me at all.” (Mrs. Garcia.)

“I personally don’t believe in violence. I wouldn’t want to have pepper spray not even a gun. Mrs. Smith gave us a small bat we could use and we also have a baseball just incase.”(Mrs. Fernandez.)