On May 1, 2019 a special event took place in the school gym that will help seniors start off their future. The seniors were able to sign a certificate in order to recognize those who were going to attend a college or university. The certificate was more than just a piece of paper, it represented all the hard work a student did in order to get to that point. Teachers were very happy to see kids succeed and see them sign of there future school. Many kids were proud of going of to college to study and become someone great in future. Overall, many seniors had so much fun.

” Allan Hancock College is the college i want to go because I want to transfer to Fresno.”- Jessica Morales 12th
” Today is a national signing day. The seniors make there own decision for what college or University there going to. They also decide what there future is going to be.” – Fatima Zarate
” Allan Hancock College is the college I am going. My plan is I’ll get my associate degree from there or maybe transfer.” – Fernando Salas 12th
” I’m going to Chico State because I want to get my degree for nursing and also because I’ve done my research and concluded that it cost-wise and living expensive wise. That’s a key factor on why I choose it.”- Dyan Gomez Hernandez 12th
” I’m going to Allan Hancock College because i really like the idea of first year of free program and transferring after.”- Angie 12th
” I’m going to San Jose State because I really like the campus. I also like it because I want to get my businesses studies there. Hopefully I get to open my own businesses in the future.”- Yadira Villapando 12th