Should Rap and Spoken Word Be Considered as Poetry?

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Is Rap Poetry?

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Time progresses, and so does poetry, before, poetry was considered to only come from the most elite writers and it took many years of practice to master poetry. Poetry was also known be just written. But now poetry has morphed into something new. People are starting to take poetry like an art form, and just like art, it has become open to anyone’s interpretation. However, new forms of what some people see as poetry has sparked debate on whether it should or should not be considered poetry. So now the question remains: should rap and spoken word be considered as poetry?

Navy Sims: “I think that slam poetry, which is really good, it’s my favorite, is really close to rap, in a lot of ways, it’s genuinely rap without a beat, so I think that it should be considered as poetry” (10th)

Robert Zarate (right): “The origins of [rap and spoken word] started with trying to convey a feeling or a thought which is like poetry” (11th) Isaias (left): “I think it should be considered as poetry because it’s all in rhythm and has an artistic flow to it, I think that’s what counts it as poetry” (10th)

Saray Brown: “I’m not really sure. It’s weird to think poets like Shakespeare would make raps, and I don’t think the rappers’ songs today would be considered as ‘poetry'” (11th)

Jesonfel Laya: “Yes I think they should be considered as poetry. It really depends on the rapper or the songwriter’s personality and what they want to say through their words. It all depends on what they want the topic to be spoken as” (11th)