What are you doing for Easter?

Easter is on Sunday April 21. Many do an Easter egg hunt and spend time with their family. I will be having a BBQ with mine. How about you???

“For Easter I’m going to a park with my mom’s side of the family. My uncle cooks the BBQ and my aunt brings the rest of foods and treats. We play baseball as a tradition before the Easter egg hunt and gift baskets. Then we go home!”-Isabella Mora (11)
“I am going to have BBQ with my family”-Elias Martinez (9)
“For Easter, I’m probably just gonna hung out, go to church, and then hang out with family. We are going to go the park to have an Easter egg hunt for the my niece and nephew.”-Melissa Lamar (12)
“For Easter I am going to do the money egg hunt with my family and just spend time with my loves ones.”-Lisette Guzman (11)