What are you wearing to Prom? Guy edition

Prom is right around the corner with one month left to go! All the guys are looking into the tux purchases or rental and some have the color chosen, but some are still deciding what looks best. This is what some guys had to say and maybe some of these stores and color options can come in handy for the people who were still searching for the perfect outfit!

“Well, I am really good at procrastination, so I haven’t chosen a place yet. But I believe I will be wearing black, like black black. I might just end up going to Apple Tree or Casa Blanca, but still not sure about that.”- Omar Mata, Pink shirt (12).
“I’m wearing a full set tuxedo, and my color is most likely a burnt orange and the store I would be renting it from is casa blanca.”- Rudy E














“For prom I’m still deciding whether to wear a dress or tux its a really hard decision, but I think all be going with the tux. The colors will be black and whatever other my date chooses.”- Victor R
“What I plan to wear is a grey tux with a red vest and red bow tie. As for the place I’m going to, I always go to luz’s bridal shop across Walmart neighborhood because the lady takes really accurate measurements and makes the tux fit really well.”- David Garcia (12).
“I’m going to be wearing a tuxedo with a blue bow tie. Actually no, I’m probably going to wear a blue tuxedo jacket. I’m getting it online.”- Isaiahs Velasco
“I’m wearing a grey charcoal suit with a black shirt and red bow tie, and I will be getting my suit from LA.”- Gabriel Vargas