What color dress are you wearing for Prom?

Prom is May 11th and its almost here! Many of us race to the stores for last minute shopping to get any dress. Color, style, and where to buy are always important! Here are a couple of panthers dress choices.

“I don’t know yet what color or what I’m wearing for prom yet , I’m just wearing whatever looks good on me. We haven’t went shopping for my dress yet might go last minute.”- Aliva Valdez (12).
“I’m wearing a long dress with a slit on the side. My dress will probably be a mauve color and I’m planning to go to LA to get it in the fashion district or maybe even a local store here in Santa Maria ! I’m really excited for prom! It’s our last year so we have to make the most out of it.” -Kassandra Mendoza (12).
“The kind of dress of looking for is a long mermaid dress, the style I wanna go for and I’m think of wearing either green or pink. I don’t really know from what store but I’ve been looking at different selections from online stores.”- Jocelyn (12).
“I’m going to be wearing a dress the color is a dusty pink and I got it in San Fernando when I was just looking around the store is called dress boutique.”- Arleth Tapia (12).
I’ve been searching for a right color for a while and I think I’m going to go for an Emerald Green or a navy.”- Jessica Santos (12).


I’m going to wear a high neck mermaid dress with gold appliqués that are on the sleeves. It’ll be black and gold. I hope to wear a coursage and high heels and I hope to have my nails, make up, and hair done.”- Keren Vega (12).
“It’s been a tough decision picking which color to get my dress, but I think I will be going with light blue. I still need to go to different stores to see what dresses I might like.”- Berenice Sanchez (12).
“I’ve been thinking of what color dress to wear and where to buy it from, but I’m still searching. There’re so many different boutiques and styles of dresses to choose from, but I will keep on searching for the right dress.”- Simran Brar (12).