When we fall asleep where do we all go?

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March 29,2019 Billie Eilish Released her latest album “WHEN WE FALL ASLEEP WHERE DO WE ALL GO ?”. The album has been pre-added 800,000 times on Apple Music, which is the most streamed album. Her album debuts  number 1 on the Billboard Chart. Here’s what the following people had to say about Billie Eilish,

” I love her new album and I cant wait for more! My favorite song on the album is Bad Guy and I Love You.”Josia Zuniga(12)

” I think it’s a great album with some unique songs and I very much liked the album. I give it an 8/10.”Ramon Herrera(11)

” I haven’t heard all of her album but the songs I’ve heard are very emotional and make you think a lot about yourself and your feelings. I rate it a 7/10. I liked the vibe it gave off like sad but yet baddie. I didn’t like how all of her songs were so auto tuned.” Ruth Moran(10)

“I love her past music, it just felt really different to listen. It feels like you’re both in a dream and a nightmare at the same time because the lyrics and the music videos and her overall vibe (style of the songs) are rather dark and deep but she has dreamy voice that contradicts everything. My favorite song from her is Watch because it sums up Billie in one video.” Allison Mangsat(11)

” All her songs put me at ease. When she came out with Ocean Eyes , it was a bop. You could be chilling and listening to it, it was calm and her vocals were amazing. Then the album Don’t Smile at Me came out and it was different. It was more up beat. She was still talking about heartbreak and other teenage topics but it’s good. Now her music is more sad alternative. I miss the “old” Billie but I’ll continue to supper her and her music career.” Fatima Chavez(12)