What is the best phone carrier?

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What is the best phone carrier?

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All phone carriers promise reliable service, fast internet, and best coverage. But do you really get the coverage they promise? We asked a few of our panthers what carrier is best and affordable.

“I’ve tried every phone carrier and I believe the best is T-Mobile because you get what you pay. Unlike Version it’s way to expensive for the same service you can get with T-Mobile.” Jovanna Jimenez

“I think Version is best because it has the best service almost everywhere you go and the best Wi-Fi. I think its worth the price for what I pay monthly.” Alan Vega (On the left). “Verizon because in my opinion it has the best servers. The price is worth it because when I go out of town it works well everywhere.” Ricardo Carranza (On the right)


“Version is definitely the best carrier because I have service everywhere I go. My calls actually go through no matter where I go.” Alexis Vences