Are You Going to Sadies?

This is the second annual Sadie’s at PV and students are wondering who is going to attend. Sadie’s will be taking place on April 13 with an electric rave theme. In the past years, the Sadie’s dance was always cancelled because no one was buying tickets. A lot of people are concerned with the price of the tickets and this is what they said:

“I will be attending Sadie’s and I encourage you all to come & enjoy the dance this 13th of April. It’s going to be so much fun & so amazing we are having the same dj as homecoming! So please come by to the business office & purchase your tickets!!”- Janely Sanchez (12).

Im going to the dance because Sadie’s is the BEST dance of the year because the girls get to ask the guys! We get to bring our A- gameSadies this year is going to top all of the years due to our top notch DJ! Ladies’s, quit slacking and ask your Guy Bestie or Bestie to Sadies for a RAVENIGHT!

“No voy a ir al baile porque no tengo a nadien con quien ir. Si tubiera a alguien con quien ir, si fuera.” -Gerardo (11).


“No, because the tickets are too expensive. They’re 18 bucks! Half of the time ASB sucks at everything they do especially, Gabriel Vargas. Lol just kidding. It’s a lot with all the senior activities being close to the Sadie’s date. If it were less expensive, I’d probably go. They should provide us with free food and more things as well.”- Anonymous


“Sadie’s is for sure happening and I will be going. Even though I am in ASB I still have to pay because we are all treated equally. I’m really excited for this year’s Sadie’s and to dance with all my friends. I think Mariela Flores is going to ask me to be her date for Sadie’s.”- Gabriel Vargas (12)