All School Rally Improvments?

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Throughout the years, rallies have been seeming to get less and less exciting with stricter rules. It’s beginning to feel like just another class we’ve been forced to go to. Everyone loves rallies, but there isn’t a lot of interaction with the students anymore. For example, the games we used to play in between performances are now cut down to just one or none at all!

“The rallies are okay for the most part. They start off really upbeat in the beginning, but they die down. I feel like they need to be more interactive with the activities that they do sometimes. I don’t really have a favorite part of the rally because the whole thing seems a little bland to me. I would like to see them try to make the rally more toned to what the theme is. In our last rally, they involved the American flags, but the performances didn’t go with the themes. I would just like them to be more organized with the themes and for the performances to be in sync with the theme.”- Adrian Medrano (11).

“I think the school rallies are in need of improvement on activities involving the students. The spirit is there all we need is more participation and games for us to be in. I like the performances from the clubs, but they took away the sport reorganization and a lot of the activities.”- Carlos Ruelas (12).

“Rallies are some of my favorite activities to go to! I like the way they are right now with all the performances from the clubs and how creative the decorations have been!”- Cristal Mendoza (12).

“I really like the recent rallies because I like watching the performances that all the clubs do more than focusing on other stuff.”-Rafaela Vazquez (10).

“I really like the rallies, but I feel like cutting off the sport highlight made some of the school spirit go away. Don’t get me wrong, I like watching the clubs perform, but it feels like the sports were sectioned out of the rallies completely.”- Erikah Morse (11).