Corruption in College Admissions??!

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The recent college admissions scandal has had hundreds of thousands of people angry because people who didn’t work to be in prestigious colleges are buying their way in. A total of 8 universities and 33 parents were part of this. The way that some people were getting in was through bribing sports coaches with large amounts of money to let their kids join the team and therefore be accepted into the university that way. In addition to this, many would hire a proctor to help their kids cheat during the SAT and ACT. They would also hire counselors to write their kid’s essay. One parent payed up to $600,000 to cheat their kid into college. This has caused people who actually worked for a spot at a university to not be able to get in because of people who are there through buying themselves in.

I think colleges are corrupt because they are businesses; they don’t care about you or about me or if you pass your classes or even if you graduate. They just want your money and that’s the sad part. Thousands of Americans go to a college with hopes of furthering their education to get a better shot at their preferred employment. If colleges weren’t so corrupt I believe our country would not only be smarter as a society but also, Stronger. -Raul Chavez

I feel like a lot of collages acceptance rate are based on the student’s family income more than their grades, a lot of collages are mainly looking for people with money. If I had the chance to do the same thing I would, but at the same time I would still find a college that best suits me and my major. -Francisco Pedraza

I do think colleges are corrupt more than it’s acknowledged. I think colleges doing things like this under the table isn’t a big secret and most people know that you have to have money if you want to be successful. Education should be about merit and not money, it doesn’t seem fair to me. Hopefully things change! If I had the chance I would probably do the same just because, who wouldn’t? But it’s the school board’s job not to let this happen! -Emily Orozco