Shooting in New Zealand Mosque

On March 14th 2019 at 6:56 PM PST. A gunman arrived at the Al Noor Mosque in Christchurch, New Zealand. He shot and killed 49 people. The gunman (whose name was not released to the public) was planning this attack for over two years and mentioned it in his manifesto which was uploaded by an anonymous user on the internet on the message board website 8Chan and posted links of the gunman’s Twitter and Facebook. The gunman even live streamed his killings through Facebook, and shows the horrific graphic images of the shooting. The gunman’s intention for the shooting was to “stop those people from invading our countries and stealing our goods” and explained how he is upset on “other races and people” would “invade” his country. The gunman even explained in his manifesto, how he was a “right-wing extremist and a terrorist”. Initially, there were two shooters. One at the Al Noor Mosque and another one at a near mosque and both had the same intentions and mentality. Three shooters have been caught for the shooting and are now arrested, One of the shooters was 28 years old and was arrested for murder while the other two were arrested for possession of firearms.

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The shooting was horrible news to hear. Especially how the guy live streamed his killings through Facebook. The video was terrible to watch and I’m glad they got him – Michael Labastida
I thought the shooting was terrible, probably the worst one ever this year. I don’t know why people would shoot and kill multiple people. Like what triggers you to the point of killing, it doesn’t make sense and it’s horrific -Nicholas Lainez (11)