Does the time changing bug you?

The time changed Sunday March 10th around 2 in the morning. The time changing made us confused and even more tired than usual. Many people have opinions on this, some are good and some are bad. The next time the time is going to change will be Sunday November 3rd which means day light saving ends. This is what some of our panthers said about the time!

Q: What’s your opinion on the time changing?

“The time changing is okay. It was pretty dark around 5 when it was early kind of felt unusual, but it isn’t a big deal.” – Adan Rubecada (9)
“I really like the time change because I’m in FFA and I have to feed my steer in the morning. It gets me more productive in the day and from there it gives me good vibes.” -Miguel Perez (11)
“First of it’s difficult to get more sleep when I’m waking up too early and it’s ridiculous because the time change is save an hour but what’s the different? The only difference I see is having dark circle and not being able to concentrate in class from being very tried. Reasonably I believe the time change is futile and should not be a yearly. If anything wake up an hour late can save my sleep and my mind from exhaustion. That’s more helpful then an hour change set back.”-Isabella Mora Diaz(11)
“I feel very tired and I want the time to change back only because we lost an hour of sleep.” – Jamie Rojas (11)
“Honestly, this time change is pretty cool no cap. I like it cause I now have more time to do things. Like now there’s 25 hours in a day so that’s great.”-Fernando Quintero (10)
“The time changing didn’t really effect me because I don’t really get any sleep, so it didn’t really matter to me. What others say is that it sucks because we lost an hour of sleep. Which I like because I’m more of a morning person.” – Carlos Contreras (11)
“I feel like it makes people more tired and even more confused. I woke up late due to the time changing because we’ve lost an hour of sleep.” – Abner Leon (12, left side) “The time changing is honestly not worth it. It messes up peoples schedule. There shouldn’t be time changed at all.” -Sean Catalans (12, right side)
“The time changing really sucks. We lose an hour of sleep and makes us more tired. It puts everyone in a bad mood.” -Alondra (9)