Spotify Vs. Apple Music

Apple Music and Spotify are some of the most used and popular apps to use to listen to music right now. We all know they are great but the real question is which is the best?

“I think Spotify music is way better than Apple Music. When your on Spotify listening to a song it gives you a whole playlist of songs similar to the songs you like so you can discover new music all the time.” -Jennifer Garcia (12)
“I prefer Apple Music because you can save your music and download music so you won’t have to use WiFi! ” -Joel Gomez (12)
“I like Spotify music better because there’s more playlists made for my type of music taste. I’ve tried Apple Music before and although it’s good, it’ll never compare to Spotify!” -Ashley Aldana (9)
“I think Apple Music is the best.” -Ernie Cuello (12)