Khloe Kardashian gets stabbed in the back by Kylie’s best friend???

About a week ago khloe’s baby daddy was caught cheating on her with a woman…none other than Jordyn woods, Kylie Jenner’s best friend! We all know that Jordyn has been friends with kylie for years now so I think its safe to say this came as the most shocking news of the month. Tristan Thompson has had a history of cheating already and Khloe has forgiven him before. Although this has been a huge deal in celebrity gossip we know this happens very often and is one of the reasons true friendships are dying. The biggest question is, who should be forgiven?

“No I don’t think Khloe should forgive Tristan. I think she gave him many chances that she shouldn’t have gave him in the first place and he doesn’t deserve her or her loyalty. She should forgive him because he didn’t think of her or their baby. In my opinion I don’t think Kylie should forgive her either because it would be really wrong if she did & she would be having her around knowing her sister is extremely affected by the incident. I think it’s true that it might all be a publicity stunt. If Kris is behind all that that’s messed up because girl have you seen those cruel comments on Jordyns pics? haha ouchhhh!!” -Brittany Olayo(12)
“I personally don’t think Khloe should forgive Tristan because he’s done it more than twice and hasn’t proved to her that he deserves another chance. If I were in Kylie’s position, I don’t think I would forgive Jordyn because as being her best friend and a big role in Kylie’s life, it shows how much she never respected Kylie and her family by doing what she did. It possibly just be all an act because they need some drama and action in the show, but it sounds so legit that everyone believes it.” -Maricor Acosta
“I personally don’t think Khloe should forgive Tristan for cheating on her again because he clearly does not love her or care about her feelings. I really think he messed up this time especially because the person he cheated on Khloe with was considered family. I think it’s just best for her to move on and focus on her self and her daughter. I don’t really know if Kylie should forgive Jordyn. I mean, if I was in that situation I don’t think I would because that’s a pretty huge betrayal. I think Khloe would be really uncomfortable with Jordyn hanging around the family after what she did. I personally just feel like family should always come first. I feel like it could possibly be a publicity stunt to earn more views and money for their reality show, but I wouldn’t really know.” -Natelie Castillo