Are seniors happy for the new prom location?

Seniors have been waiting for prom since Freshman year and it’s finally closer than ever. After a few technical difficulties the prom is scheduled to take place at the Santa Maria Fairgrounds. While breaking from tradition, the potential is there to be a great experience. What do you think about the new venue?

Here is what some of our Seniors had to say:

“The fact that they changed the venue gave me relief because at the Abel Maldonado it was going to get full and everyone was going to feel uncomfortable . At the fair park, it’s going to be way better!” – Liz Ramirez (12)
“I believe that the new location for prom is better than the Abel Maldonado. Not only because it is much bigger, but also because no senior should have their prom somewhere where they don’t think is good enough.”- Leslie Sanchez (12)

















“I feel better now that our prom is being relocated into a better location, I feel as if no senior class should have to have their one and only prom in a gym or in a place that is not prom like.” – Paola Gonzalez (12)
“I am happy the prom location has changed because I feel like it should be held in a better place since it is our last dance as seniors. We want a place where we will be comfortable with our friends. With the new location we will all enjoy our prom and remember it in the future.”- Jessica Santos (12)