How do you Feel about Senior Year Expenses?

Senior year has brought many fun activities, but they all have come with a price. We’ve been told since the beginning that our senior year was going to be expensive, but it would all be worth it because it would make fun memories and it would be the last events with our close friends until we go off to college!

“As a senior, I believe that we have a lot of expenses, but I also feel that not everything we are being offered during this time in high school is necessary. For example, if someone doesn’t have the money for grad week, they don’t have to go. I also know that for grad night, they offer help for those who can’t afford to pay. I feel like it’s an opportunity a senior shouldn’t miss. As for the expenses, some things are pricey, but we should have a chance to enjoy them.”- Janely Sanchez (12)
“I believe that as a senior you have to spend a lot because out of the four years, it’s a big transition in life and we need to be ready to spend money. We’re leaving high school and we’re going to be moving on to a bigger education, some to college and others to a university. A lot are going to spend up to $2,000 for grad night, grad week, graduation attire, and senior pictures. I spent a lot of money on senior pictures especially! I think all this money being spent is worth it because you’re enjoying your four years of high school. You have to be prepared for that and I recommend getting a job in junior year just to be saving up. And for those who are going off to universities, good luck because you are going to be spending even more!”- Vanessa Ballesteros (12)
“As a senior, some of the activities we do are a bit over priced, but when we think back to these memories when we’re older, it’s worth the cost. I do think that juniors need a job to save up for the expenses that will be coming their senior year. Overall, I think the experience you will receive with your friends in high school is what makes it worth it.”- Jocelyn Valenzuela (12, left)
“Senior year has many expenses but some of them are worth it. For example, grad night because Disneyland is the happiest place on earth and we can go to both parks for only $2oo! Grad week is worth it because you go to a whole new state and experience what it’s like there for a week and meet new people and make so many memories. Prom is worth it because you can only go once and make it memorable with the right people. But, it is also expensive but yet again it is only for one day and the outfit is only worn for a couple of hours.”- Cristal Mendoza (12, left)