💖Valentine’s Day Plans 💖

Valentine’s Day is tomorrow! Here’s some things Pv’s panthers are planning on doing with their significant other on this day full of love!

My date and I are planning on going out on a romantic dinner as we do almost every month and ending it with a walk at the beach. Later in the night we’re heading off to our friend’s house and get together with all our friends to spend the last Valentines together before we head off to college!! Gissel Espindola (12)
I will be hanging out with my boyfriend on Valentine’s Day. Probably go out to eat and then after watch a movie at my house together! -Alivia Rae Valdez (12)

















My handsome Fernando was planning on taking me out to eat and maybe have some movie time after because of the rain! 🙂 -Abigail Mendez (12)
Hopefully I’ll end up going out to eat and spend time with my boyfriend out of town! -Emily Orozco (12)