Ivy Hatter Takes SB Poetry Out Loud!


“Congratulations to Ivy Hatter who took first place in the Santa Barbara competition of Poetry Out Loud last night (2/13/19).  She now proceeds to Sacramento on March 10th and 11th to compete for the state title.  She brings the county title home to PVHS after a two year drought.  Go Ivy!”

–Miles Brown and Ben Rothstein


Last week PV students competed against one another to see who will represent our school in the Poetry Out Loud competition. These students had to memorize poems and recite them in front of multiple judges. These judges then picked out which student has the best capability to perform as the face of Pioneer Valley. Other schools then compete against each other in a school-wide competition, then to a regional and/or state competition, and ultimately to the National Finals. The 3 representatives for the county level competition will be Ivy Hatter, Alexis Dagar and Vanessa Anguiano. Congratulations ladies!!



“I really like the performers because I think its cool how they all have the courage and boldness to perform in front of a bunch of strangers, which sometimes for many it’s inherently difficult to do. I don’t just admire their talent but overall their courage”- Mr. O’Neal (English teacher).
“Poetry Out loud is a recitation competition. Its not original poetry, its reciting poems that are written by other people. They get these poems off of the website, PoetryOutloud.org, because they have to be a specific type of poem”- Mr. Brown (English teacher).











“When it comes to my experience in Poetry Out Loud itself, I actually don’t have much experience. My first time trying out POL was in my sophomore year and I didn’t really connect to my poem as much as I did this year. I feel like my AP English teacher, Mr. Rothstein, really helped me dissect my poem and channel it’s meaning into the performance. My general interest in poetry also helped a lot. Overall, I am so glad I have this opportunity to compete in county!” -Alexis Dagar (12)


“Last year I tried out, but didn’t get in. I didn’t really understand poems until I got into Feher’s class. Now I’m a runner up. I know last year my friend Ivy got in she practiced all day. But I can’t wait and go to the competition to support Ivy” -Nickolas Equihua (12)










“Poetry Out Loud was a great opportunity to express my voice and love for poetry while trying out to make the team” -Alisha (12).