Mexico Gas Problems

Mexico has had a problem with gas theft for years. People in Mexico use personal vehicles as their number one way of transportation but many gas stations are running out of gas. To get gas people have to wait for hours at the gas station because the lines are so huge. Many people get more than they need to sell it at a higher price. People have gotten desperate and are looking for other ways to get gas. The president says he is currently taking action to solve this problem…

On January 18, 2019 a pipe exploded in Mexico and has left 94 people dead and others that cannot be recognized. Thieves had ruptured the central pipeline of Mexico to find gas. And once they hit it the pipe burst and started spraying gas. Soon after calls were made and cars and people started showing up in groups and with their empty gallon bottles in order to fill them up. But soon afterward the fuel caught fire and the carnage ensued.

” If I was in Mexico stranded without any gas, I’d feel alone and desolated, having no clue of what to do. Either I’d walk to find the nearest place that would have gas or wait. Overall I feel very worried for the people in Mexico who are dealing with the 70% of no gas crisis as of right now.” – Jesonfel Laya (11)
“I don’t understand why they had to steal the gas. It wasn’t worth their death and the consequences. It was very selfish of them and they could have found out a better way to find gas. If I was in that situation I would have not gone for it because of the consequences.” -Stephanie Garcia (11)

















“I feel devastated knowing so many people died over this issue. In my opinion I believe it wasn’t the smartest idea rushing to get gas from the pipelines. I hope justice is served to the thieves.” -Dora Gurrola (11)
” I think it was dumb why would they start stealing the gas if it was flammable. I probably would have gas but then I would rethink and leave.” – Manuel Valdovinos (9)















Empty Gas Stations in Mexico (No Gas)