What Are Your Christmas Traditions?

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Many people usually go shopping for presents for their loved ones and set up their tree. Traditions can also depend on your culture.  What are you traditions?

“Well we decorate the inside and outside. My son still believes in Santa. We open presents on Christmas morning. Because we are Italian so there is a lot of food involved. Traditionally we make lasagna Christmas morning. We are not religious so we don’t go to church. Also we cut down a fresh tree and decorate it with Christmas ornaments some of them are 50-60 years old. We also watch movies”. -Mr. Marino

” We eat a lot. We get together as a family. We don’t usually do gifts. We also set up a tiny tree in the living room”. – Manuel Valdovinos (9)

” We stay home most of the time. We also go shopping. And my brother brings his friends and we go to a restaurant. We also set up the tree.” Juan Diego Campos (11)

” We stay at home. And sing karaoke till night. We open the presents at midnight. Usually we play Secret Santa as well.” -Santos Bribiesca (9)

” I build a gingerbread house. We set up the Christmas tree. We go shopping for presents. We also like to sing carols.” – Cristian Perez(11)