What do Guys Want for Christmas?

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It’s that time of year again! Buying presents for your loved ones can be exciting, but what if you don’t know what to get them. Especially for that special boy in your life. What do boys really want for Christmas?

“I think colognes and sweaters are a perfect gift for guys. I’m getting my boyfriend a big box with colognes, lotions, sweaters, and socks. Boys always need socks.” -Maria (12)


“I think guys want cologne, sweaters, candy, stuff like that. Shoes are also a really good gift for guys, they love shoes.” -Jessica (12)



“I would say video games, but I already have all of the good ones. Posters would be dope, the trippy ones are cool. I also want super smash bros so I can smash my bros.” -Andrew Gutierrez (12)













“I think the best gift would be to spend time with the people you love.  Also some nice clothes and shoes would be cool. It would be nice to get a girlfriend too, but we have Valentines day for that” -Joe Ward (12)

“I think most guys would be happy with a video game. Red Dead Redemption is a good game. If you’re in a relationship with the guy, you could also buy him a necklace. Guys like necklaces too. It could be cute. The half-heart necklaces, then your girlfriend keeps the other half.” -Johny Vasquez (11)

“I think most guys want either Money or nice clothes. Personally, I’d rather have the money. Gift cards are cool too.” -Daniel Medina (12)