Ariana Grande’s Thank you, Next

Ariana Grande’s new song Thank You, Next talks about how she is grateful to all her exes. This song is a great message and its to be thankful for your exes and not just be avoiding them and making them the bad person. In this song she herself thanks Sean, Ricky, Pete, and Malcom (mac).

“I think Ariana Grande is a very inspirational women. I really enjoyed her recent single Thank You, Next because she was not bashing her exes yet thanking them for allowing her to grow and experience different relationships.” -Eldaine Estacio (11)
” I love it. It was amazing she is a queen she is iconic. She used the most iconic movies that empower women. She is beautiful. Her song sends a great message. She made it so classy.” -Stephanie Garcia (11)
” Well I mean at first I didn’t listen to it. then I did. The song is good and catchy. But its not really one of her best songs.” -Paola Alcanctar (9)
“It’s overplayed but it’s catchy. I don’t think the video went with the song. I think it was nice she used parts from other movies.” – Blanca Antonio (right-9)