Japanese Exchange Students Come to Pv!


As a yearly tradition our Japanese foreign exchanges students came to visit our campus and they had an amazing experience thanks to our Panthers!

“My experience in this school has been great, I like the schools and the things they do. I’ve been liking the people here, they are kind and sweet. The school here compared to my school in Japan is very different in Japan we have class, and teachers come to our classes and we don’t have to transition. My favorite experience so far has been my trip to Santa Barbara it was beautiful.”- Ayana


“This school is much wider than mine! In my Japanese school we can’t drink anything in our classes or bring our cellphones to school. I love the people at PV. I’ve had so many great experiences so far but my favorite must be how the people here have treated me.”


















“I like this school so far very much! I love the people here so far. I think in American school there’s way more freedom compared to Japanese ones. I also think the people are better.” -Chisato
“My experience in this school so far has been great and I love the people. My school compared to this one is very small. My favorite experience so far is that I went bowling with my family last night and I had so much fun.” -Rina

















“My experience has been super fun we have done so many things. I like the people here they have been so nice to me. My favorite thing I’ve done has been meeting new people and making new friends.”- Richika