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What’s Your Favorite Beverage?

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Don’t you just love fall? The smell of apple or pumpkin pie baking, as the smell of a cinnamon candle getting lit up. The way the leaves start to change colors, and the way they crumble underneath your black high-top converse. The way the cool wind blows through your body giving you the good kind of chills, where you just must stop and get a cup of tempting hot chocolate or coffee…

“My go to hot drink for the fall is the pumpkin spice latte. The reason I like it is because it has many different types of amazing spices that make my tongue go crazy.”-Diana Villarreal (9)

“My favorite fall drink is el chocolate de Abuelita. The reason I love it so much is because it makes me feel warm; it makes me feels as if everything is going to be okay. Plus, it tastes amazing especially when my grandma makes it.”- Ashley Bravo (11)

“During the fall I love to drink hot chocolate. I like hot chocolate because since its fall it just sets the perfect mood; with the chilly weather hot chocolate is just very satisfying.” Abby Prado (12)

“The sweet cinnamon taste of arroz con leche reminds me of fall. It’s not too sweet nor to sour, it’s just right especially when my grandma makes it.”-Carmen Lopez (12)

“I love fall especially when new drinks come out, I love trying new things. My favorite drink I have tried so far is Witch’s brew. I like how it’s so unique and how the chia seeds slide down your throat.”- Diana Perez (11)

“My favorite drink is Gatorade. The one I could drink all the time is the frost glacier freeze. I love how it tastes like blueberry candy in a way.”- Jonathan Navarro (11)

“My go to drink is the venom energy drink. I like it because it tastes good and it reminds me of the movie venom.” – Rigo Hernandez (9)