How Did We Get Here?

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It’s sad to know that just a few years ago students never had to worry about schools going on lockdown, school shooters, and school threats. Schools used to be one of the safest places for children to go, and now students have become frightened because of all the scary situations that have occurred over the past few years. Students now fear the thought of another student being capable of doing something so drastic as shooting up a school. I think it is unfortunate that us students have to come to school in fear.

Francheska Cabeliza: “I think that kids are scared of going to school and worry about situations like having a school shooter on campus because of every shooting that has happened within just a year. We are all scared that at any moment that we are in school, someone is going to open fire and end someone’s life, possibly our own. I also think we are scared of going to school now because we do not have strict rules about guns and the environment we are in which anyone can have access to guns. We’re not as trained as to what we do when there is an active shooter.” (11)

Rachel Rodriguez Morales: “We have come to the point where kids are scared to come to school because lockdowns cannot prevent school shooters. It is to the point where every staff member has to worry about making sure that every student is safe.” (12).




















Stefano Rincon: “I think it is just a sad and twisted reality that we have to deal with. I personally don’t know why or how this ‘trend’ started but I want nothing to do with it.” (11)

Alexa Sanchez: “I don’t think it is okay for us to be terrified every time we have a lockdown. We really never know when it will be our turn to experience a school shooting. As for what caused it? I think it’s young people being influenced by social media and people not accepting diversity in their own communities.” (11).













Jorene Camba: “I think that back then shootings became an issue, the social enviorment was not as bad as this generation. Shootings start happening mostly because kids were being treated badly and getting bullied. These days you cannot tell when a shooting will happen, and now we have to be prepared for anything to happen.” (11).