Jane the Virgin Wins Best Netflix Show!

“I chose Jane the Virgin because I’ve watched it since the day it came out on Netflix! It’s one of my favorite shows because it has ups and downs and it actually gives good life lessons. The other shows are good, but Jane the Virgin was overall a great show.”- Cristal Mendoza (left, 12).

There are many Netflix shows for us to stream, but the public’s favorite was, Jane the Virgin! This 5 season show caught the attention of millions of people with it’s intriguing story of a young women named Jane who “magically” became pregnant. Later in the show, it reveals how she ended up pregnant with a few plot twists in between seasons!

“I chose Jane the Virgin because it’s a good show. It has a lot of drama and the story in general is really interesting. Drama is one of my favorite genre. I’m all caught up on the seasons and they are so good. I like to binge watch them with my boyfriend.”- April Valdez (12)











“I picked Jane the Virgin because every other show has a very basic plot that we’ve seen many times in different shows. But on Jane the Virgin, the plot is very original and it hasn’t been seen before. That’s really interesting and there is a lot of Mexican culture which is good to be acknowledged. That’s why I think a lot of people like the show.”- Teresita Porch (12)
“Jane the Virgin is a really great show! I love how the story scheme is different from other shows and how it relates a lot to a soap opera. I really enjoyed the show and would definitely recommend it!”-Keren Vega (12)