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Traditional vs Graphic Art

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Traditional vs Graphic Art

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Art is a thing many people use as a creative outlet and to express themselves. Art has been used ever since human kind started, whether it be used to make certain ideas come to life or used as a creative outlet. Nowadays there are multiple ways to create art, two of those ways being traditional and digital art. Traditional art is basically art made with physical mediums you can touch such as paint, markers, pencils, etc. Meanwhile digital art is made by using technology such as computers, drawing tablets, or even an app on your phone. Throughout the years there has been an open debate on whether digital art or traditional is superior, some may believe traditional is the best way because it’s how people have always done it, however some see digital art as a better medium due to the wide variety of tools you can use in it. In the end, both are forms of art that can be used to create beautiful art and a person should not be limited to one medium.  

Digital on Left                                                                                                                       Traditional on Right

“My favorite thing about art is the process I love getting paint and pencil marks all over your hands, I love just making your art come alive.” -Angelica Pena (12th)

“Digital Art, I believe makes your ideas and concepts really come to life without feeling restrained by your supplies or ability.” -Melanie Mendoza (10th)












“My favorite thing about traditional art is that there are different mediums like watercolors, acrylic paint, markers, etc. Because of this you can always experiment with new mediums whenever you become tired of one” -Sofia Villalobos (12th)

“My least favorite thing about digital is the experience of drawing that is lost in that medium, you get way too reliant on the undo button” -Melanie Mendoza (10th)












” My least favorite thing about traditional art is that its very permanent sometimes, for me its hard to fix mistakes that I make when I do traditional art” -Sofia Villalobos(12th)

“I made this lion for Mr. Dearborn on my IPad. He already has lion pictures in his room so I thought I would add to it. I like using digital arts because you have more control.” -Ivy Clarkson (11)