PV Marriages

Do Married teachers find it easier to be so close together in school? What do they think about it?

” First of all, we really like the same things such as teaching, soccer, and we both coach soccer as well. My personal goal was to come work with her and have our children come with us as well. It’s like a dream come true. It’s also really convenient because we live close and everything is going well so far. We get along well to.” -Mr. Brafman
” I think its fun. I think that were able to learn from each other’s coaching styles and we compliment each other It’s very convenient to have the same schedule. We can take the same vacations and all of our clothes match. Him being here gives me more support. He helps me a lot and I help him with things as well. So It doesn’t bother me.” – Mrs. Brafman















“I’m so busy I rarely see her. I think it’s great teaching at the same school it’s fun. Certainly better than her working at the red and white school.” -Mr. Magni
“I do like being so close to him at work. When I used to teach at SM, I was happy I had my own identity. Fortunately, when I transferred her I kept my own identity as well. Sometimes we go days without seeing each other, but it’s convenient to see each other if we need to talk about our family.” -Mrs. Magni












“It feels amazing being so close and I’m grateful to her. #blessed. I rely on her for a lot of things. We used to work together before we got separate jobs and we were so sad. But now I’m happy.” -Mr. Bajwa



“It’s really nice because we can talk about work and eat lunch together. It’s convenient because we can communicate. It’s nice to be able to talk and be in the same car on our way both home and to work. He used to work in Atascadero and moved to PV to be closer to me. We have some of the same students and we can both help them.” – Mrs.Bajwa