The WORST Movies Ever!!

Some movies are just not good at all; when the ending is just bad or even the whole movie is just a waste of your time. One movie I thought was the worst movie ever is Jack and Jill. It was cringe seeing Adam Sandler playing the part of Jill which is this twin sister.

“I think the worst movie I’ve ever seen is South Paw, because the acting is so bad and the whole story is just kind of dumb. That’s why it was on Netflix so fast. Anyway, the acting is not really good and the little girl is so annoying. I would rather watch Tammy  then this trash.” -Jackie Cruz (12)
“The worst movie I’ve seen is Percy Jackson. The special effects were kind of unrealistic. I feel like the movie could have been way better in the book. It had a lot of details that they missed in the movie.” -Jessica Santo (12)











“The worst movie I’ve seen is I Feel Pretty. The movie is cringy.” -Andrea (11)



“Justice League is the worst movie I’ve seen. It’s worse then my GPA. The movie is mostly about superhero’s.” -Michael Sta Teresa (10)







“The worst movie I’ve seen is Percy Jackson Sea of the Monster. It was really bad compared to the book!”