Making Bus Stops Safer

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Natalie Cervantez- “I think it is a very tragic situation and it is so sad how all three siblings died. I can’t imagine how the parents feel. To make the school zones and bus stops safer, I think they should create more severe punishments because it is not fair for the families. Also, they should probably add cameras or security to be on a look out for anything.” (11).

On Tuesday morning, 10/30, four children were hit by a car in Indiana while crossing the street to get on the bus to go to school. The suspect was taken into custody around 4p.m. on Tuesday. Her arrest warrant had “three felony charges of reckless homicide,” and “a misdemeanor for passing a school bus, with the stop arm extended, causing injury.” The three siblings were two 6 year old twin brothers and their 9 year old sister. All three siblings were killed from the car crash. The young 11 year old boy was airlifted to a hospital due to his critical injuries. Many accidents like this happen every day. How can we make school zones and bus stops safer for the children?

Cresencio Chavez- “I think what happened to the kids is really sad and my heart goes out to their families. I think that the lady should have a lot of consequences because what she did is horrible. A way for them to make bus stops and school zones safer is to have adult supervision for the children. There also should have been cross guards there to help the children cross the streets, so they don’t have to do it alone.” (11).

Johnathan Magana- ” I think that its really sad that we’re losing innocent kids’ lives just because people aren’t paying attention to the road. Now a days, people in this society don’t care. I feel that bus drivers should get out and hold the stop sign and wait for the kids” (12).