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La Michocana Wins our Poll!

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We asked our panthers what their favorite Ice-cream place is, the options were Baskin Robins, La Michoacána, Nite Creamery, and Doc Burstein’s. Here’s what some of our panthers said regarding why they voted for La Michoacána.

“I voted for La Michoacána because they have the best ice-cream. It’s not too sweet it’s just perfect. My favorite item to get is the agua de fresca. The price is inexpensive compared to the other options on the poll.” -Evelyn Guzman (12)

“I like the bubble gum ice cream. I think everything on the menu is worth the price because everything is really good.” – Devine Pantoja (11)











“I love the paletas de limon and mango con chile. La Michoacána is my favorite place to go for ice-cream.”- Rachael Rodriguez (12)

“Everything from La Michoacána is bomb. The coffee and strawberry ice-cream is my go to.” – Alondra Rico (10)












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