Girl Homecoming Hairstyles!!

Homecoming is tomorrow! We all know hair makes a big difference on how you can look. Here’s some gorgeous hairstyle ideas that will make you look your best for that special night!


“I’m going In a bun with my edges laid and some baby curls sticking out from the side.” -Gabriela C. Matias (12)
“Well if I leave it curly it’s gonna be frizzy the whole night so I’m probably going to have to get up early and straighten it!”  -Jocelyn Medina Contreras (12)















“I’m going to do messy curls. I’m gonna start by brushing my hair a little after I’m done curling it and then ill make some side cornrows and just add some hairspray at the end just to hold the curls in place.”            -Daniela Contreras Fernandez
“I will probably get an updo. I’m gonna pick up most of my hair away from my face but leave some wavy strands lose.”-Natalie Castillo