Favorite Halloween Candy!!

Halloween is around the corner. That means getting a bunch of candy. Well the candy I always try looking for is Kit Kat because It’s my favorite! Here’s  some candy that other students like:

Q; What’s your favorite Halloween candy?

“Reese’s cup or anything Reese’s chocolate because it’s orange like jack o lantern and there my favorite.”-Jackie Villa (12,left) “Personally my favorite candy would have to be kit kat because I like how crunchy it is and sounds.”-Carlos Ruelas (12 right)


“My favorite candy is Twix because I like chocolate and caramel together.”- Evelyn Guzman (12)

“The candy I would like to get is Sour Patch Kids. It’s both sweet and sour which makes it good.”-Angelina Gonzales (12)