What are You Thankful For?


With Thanksgiving around the corner, it’s a time for our PVHS panthers and staff to take a one-week break and enjoy time with our families for a while.  And also, a time for our Thanksgiving dinner with friends, family, and our closest people. Some of us might even celebrate with Thanksgiving NFL football.  Also, it’s a time to tell people what we are thankful for.

Some of us might be thankful for our friends, families, loved ones, co-workers, neighbors, or for the teachers that might also be thankful for their wonderful students. To be thankful for a certain person, you have to show them how much you appreciate them.  Don’t just be that person who just calls or talks to that person once every Thanksgiving and say “oh I’m very thankful for you.” Show your appreciation to that person, and don’t be a stranger to that someone.

Josue Chavez (11) – “I’m very thankful for the people I love, they all made me the way I am and they encourage me to do my best in anything. I’m also very thankful for soccer because why  not, am I right?”


Orlando Lazaro (11) – “I’m very thankful for my family, especially for my mom and dad. They’re the reason why I want to be in the ranchero with my family. Plus, they’re hard work in la pesca (the fields) gave me encouragement to work with them in la pesca. I’m also thankful for the music of Ariel Camacho (r.i.p), it gets me going whenever I’m with the homeboys and also working in the fields with the local friends/coworkers. I’m also thankful for the food that’s going to be served at the dinner table, tamales all day bro.”
Matthew Fergenson (11; right) – “I’m very thankful for my friends, all of them are the realest ones and they all take care of me no matter what. Anything I need to talk about or just in general to hang out, they are all the best and the coolest.”
“Honestly, I’m thankful for my boys and my family” -Jaiden Reyes (right) (12)
“What I’m thankful is my family, my friends, and the food they serve. It’s really good!” -Santiago Erazo (left) (12)

-Daniel Rodriguez and Jose Perez