Hoco Dinners!!

 Are you going to go eat anywhere with your date? If you are why and where are you going?

“We are going to Red Robin because the food is good. I like their avocado burger. And the place has a good vibe.” -Blanca Antonio(10, left side)
“We will be going to McLintock’s. They have really good food, and good portions. The food is really savory as well. My favorite is the 8 ounce serloin and lobster tail.” -Ernesto Cuello (12)















“We are gong to AG Spurs in Arroyo Grande. It’s a bomb restaurant and we made reservations. It’s close to Pismo Beach which is good because that is where we are taking our pictures.” – Stephanie Garcia (11)


“We are going to Red Lobster, only because my date likes seafood. Also she has never been to Red Lobster.” -Dora Gurrola (11)














“I am going to Olive Garden because the food their is bomb. I love the chicken alfredo and the lasagna. We are going because the environment is nice and the cheese sticks are good.” -Ashley Calderon (11)