Favorite Horror Movie to Watch!

October is the time of month where things start to get spooky. It’s also the time to watch scary movies. One of my favorite horror movies to watch is Chucky, because it’s not really scary but it puts me into the Halloween vibes.

Q: What’s your favorite horror movie?

“Taken is my favorite horror movie. It’s interesting to see how the dad fights to save his daughter.”- Cynthia Tovar (11)



“My favorite horror movie is The Orphan because it’s scary and freaky.” -Alivia Valdez (12)










“Scream is one of my favorite horror movies. Wes Craven, the director of the movie, does great in capturing the slaughters. It’s one of my top movie choices.” -Kihabet Alcorta (12)
“Friday the 13 is a good horror movie to watch. It’s the first scary movie I’ve seen that’s actually good.” -Joseph Sanchez (12)










“The Conjuring is my favorite, because it’s kind of scary and what not. I would recommend to watch with others, such as close friends or siblings. This moive has a part 2 to it and is based on a true story.” – Victor Rivera (12)