CASL/CADA Leadership!

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On September 25, 2019 a  handful of schools around the central coast came to the Santa Maria Fairpark to attend the CADA Leadership event. This event focused on helping students become better leaders and getting help with social skills. There was a couple presentations and groups around the fairpark, discussing ways to help to become a leader from music to fun activities.

Jasmine Servin (12) I think the conference has been an eye opening experience because there are things that we can improve at our school and rallies

Joseph Galicinao (10) I think the various workshops have helped me become a better student leader.













“CADA was fun. The workshops were interesting. The speeches they gave were interesting as well. It was a great experience. I had a great time.”- Stephany Bribiesca (11)

” I had a great experience at CADA. I learned a lot about being a leader and met new people.” – Cindy Velazquez 12