Blenders Vs. Jamba Juice

Jamba Juice and Blenders offer quick, healthy, and inexpensive drinks. These smoothie joints are a healthy alternative to fast food places. I prefer Blenders because I get great service and they have great tasting smoothies! My favorite drink is the Red Mango because mango is one of my favorite fruits. Here is what some of our Panthers said about their favorite smoothie joint:

Q: What do you prefer, Jamba Juice or Blenders?

“I prefer Jamba Juice because I feel like they have more of a variety of drinks. I also like it because I live closer to Jamba Juice, which is better than driving all they way to Orcutt.” -Harley Aranda (12)
“Blenders is definitely better than Jamba Juice, because the drinks are fresher. Its worth the drive to Orcutt.” -Evelyn Pacheco (11)
“My favorite place is Blenders, because Jamba Juice is expensive. I love the Acai Bowls, they’re good.” -Luz (10)
“Blenders is better, because they blend the drinks well. I think blenders is a better deal.” -Lania Day (12)
“I like Jamba Juice, because it has a wider selection of smoothies. I just think it tastes way better.” -Adriana Aguilar (12)