Iron Man wins Poll!!!

The Panther Tales recent poll asked, “What is your favorite Avenger?” The votes are in and Iron Man won.  PV’s favorite avenger is a character created by Stan Lee. Iron Man or Tony Stark is a wealthy scientist and business magnate. Iron Man is the founding member of the Avengers. Iron Man is played by Robert Downey Jr.

“Iron is the best! he is an amazing leader. He shows that powers aren’t necessary to protect the earth from aliens (Thanos). He is in his 50s and fights better than Captain America.”- Claudia Andasol(11)
“His suits are cool. The movie was great, I enjoyed watching it.” Stephanie Leon (12)
“He’s one of the first avengers. And he’s cool I like the different designs on his suits and all his attacks.” Daniel Alcantar (11)
“He’s hot and handsome; his movies are fascinating. But the ending of the new movie infinity War was dumb.” Maritza Ramos (11)