Mac Miller Gone too Soon


Malcom McCormick, the rapper was found dead of an overdose last week in a bedroom at his San Fernando Valley home. Mac was only 26 years old and had recently come out with his new album, “Swimming” when pronounced deceased at 11:51 am on Friday September 7.

I think some of the main causes of Mac’s depression had to do with all the unfortunate experiences he’s had with drugs and the pressures of fame. I don’t think Ariana Grande was at fault for his death because she didn’t kill him. She WAS however a factor in his depression which was in the end destructive. I think she still loves him in a sense of memory but not as a lover. I first listened to the album when it was first released and I think a handful of people would agree when I say it was good regardless of his death making it more popular. He basically recorded a piece of his genuine emotions and turned them in toto a work of art, his music. Raul Chavez (11)
I have listened to Mac Miller since I was a kid so I think he has good music and is a dope person. I think it was a lot of things building up that lead to his depression because he always had many things going on in his life that weren’t the easiest to deal with. I think Ariana Grande had a big factor of that but I wouldn’t say the blame is on her. I don’t think she’s still in love with him, obviously they split up for a reason and she probably now actually feels bad now that he is dead. His new album definitely became more popular once he died which always happens after every artist dies. Andrew Gutierrez (11)
I’ve been a big fan of Mac Miller for years. I loved his new album since it first came out and have listened to it non stop. I think Mac had been going through a tough time in his life for a while now. I don’t think Arianna was at fault for Mac’s death regardless of what some people are saying. I think Ariana Grande was a big part of why mac was depressed but not the only factor. I think She loved him because of how close they got but not In the way people think. just like all the artists that have died, Mac’s music became more popular after his death but I personally always thought it was great. Jessica Gutierrez (11)