How Much Pressure Do Boys Face to Have the “Perfect” Body?

It’s not just girls these days that are told to have a “perfect” body. We can look at an under weight girl and her parents and doctors might take notice, but when we look at a boy who wants to loose weight or gain muscle and work out and have the “Perfect” body, we see it as nothing but harmless.

“I believe that guys don’t have as much pressure to have the perfect body, since for them it’s easier to loose body fat  and when eating they don’t gain fat easily. I don’t think they have to do much more than those guys who look bigger and who have to deal with being looked at and criticized.” -Keren Vega (12)
“Boys face some pressure to have a perfect body, because girls want a guy with muscles or abs. So there’s always been that pressure to at least work out and gain something, I mean everybody expects every guy to just be a muscle man.” -Robert Diaz (12)












“Boys don’t face much pressure on having the “perfect” body. Many people don’t care. It’s just the pressure they put on themselves because they want to be the “average size” or have a “Nice body.” Personally I feel like boys don’t have much pressure put on them to have the “perfect” body.” -Kristiana Valdez (12)





“Yes, us guys dream of the “perfect” body, but nobody really puts the effort in. I’ve tried a few times but I kept losing my motivation. I’m fine with how I look, but I would like to look a bit better. The “perfect” body doesn’t exist, all we can do is be happy with who we are.” -Carlos Ramirez (12)