Main Street Donuts Wins Our Poll!

On our school website, The Daily Panther Tales, we had a poll asking “What’s Your Favorite Donut Store?” Out of all the donut stores in Santa Maria the winner was Main Street Donuts located at 715 E Main St. by Domino’s. We asked a few of our PV students why they like Main St. donuts and what’s there favorite and least favorite donut. Check out our newest poll on our home page.

“I barely found out today that we won and it feels awesome. It’s interesting that Yummy Donuts was only 5 votes behind of us, I would expect them to win because they are the original owners of Main St. Donuts and we bought it from them.” -Joe Paris (Owner)
“I like main street Donuts because it is close to my house. My favorite donut is the maple bar. I wouldn’t get the old fashion donut. -Stephany Bribiesca (11)
“My favorite donut place is Main St. Donuts! My favorite donut is a Maple Bar, I usually eat two! My least favorite is the Chocolate donuts.” -Aylin Gabino (12)
“I like going to Main St. Donuts because they always have a big selection of donuts. My favorite donut is the Chocolate Sprinkles. I really dislike the Sugar Coated. I think it has to much sugar, too much to the point where I feel like I’m going to get diabetes.” -Joel Gomez (12)
“I enjoy going to Main St. Donuts. My favorite donuts are the donut holes. I enjoy them from Main St. Donuts because they’re always fluffy. I dislike the French Cruller Donuts.” -Andrea Maldonado (11)
“Main St. donuts are pretty good. My favorite is the Chocolate one, because it melts and it tastes so good. My least favorite is the sugar donut  because it’s so basic and taste like trash.” -Samantha Villaobos (12)
“I like getting my donuts at Main St. Donuts because the workers are friendly. My favorite donut would be Chocolate because no one can go wrong with the chocolate one. My least favorite is Old Fashion because it’s just so nasty.” – Gabriel Vargas (12)
“Main St. donuts is pretty good, they’re not my favorite but it’s pretty good. My favorite donut is the Glazed Donuts. My least favorite donut is the Chocolate one because it usually melts fast.” -Paris Lua (9)
” Main Street donuts are good. my favorite donut would be chocolate like everyone else’s. My least favorite is maple syrup.” – Joseph Sanchez (12 , left side) ” The donuts at main street are okay. My favorite donut is long chocolate donuts not the circle one. My least favorite is the glaze. I mean its ok but not my go to.” – Eduardo Vazques (12, right side)