Life Before Teaching

Have you ever wondered what Our teachers were doing before they decided on teaching?

”I was a waitress for 5 years in San Luis. I also bar-tended for a couple of years. It was a really good job and I got good money. It was fun, it was a job I enjoyed.  I always had a part time job but I was a full time student as well.”  – Mrs. Martinez
“I worked in restaurants for 2 years, I worked on a farm, and also worked in the private medical field for 4 years. I was always a full-time student. They were good jobs. The reason I became a teacher was because in the medical field I came across the ‘glass wall’. I was at the highest position I could get with my education. If I wanted to advance I would have to go back to school and become a doctor. Also education is a valuable thing to pass on. I also like chemistry, so it just happened.” -Mr. Enns
“Before teaching I worked at office Maxx as a stock boy and furniture department supervisor for 5 years. I was also a wrestling coach for 3 years. I was always a full-time student. It was enough pay, not exactly slave labor. I decided to become a teacher because in my junior year of high school the head coach of wrestling was going to drop athletes due to grades. So I decided to tutor. Once we were done they told me that they learned better through me than the teacher and I loved that feeling so that’s when I decided to become a teacher or a coach.” -Mr. Ilac
“I was a civil engineer for 3 years. I also worked in Food Maxx for 2 years and Worked in the Fields. I was always a full-time student. I like Teaching because its not boring and time goes by fast. I became a teacher because I wanted to become a role model and an example. I also wanted to motivate students. I left my prior job, which is civil engineering, because I found it boring, I like more hands on work.”-Mr. Avila Meza
” I was in the army for 4 years, I was a worker in Albertsons, a roofing company, and many other odd jobs. I enjoyed my jobs. I decided to become a teacher because once I was out of the army I needed a job that went well with being a single parent. So teaching was a good job to have with being a single parent.”-Mr. Wolstenholm