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Mrs. Herrera Styled Us for a Week!

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Mrs. Herrera Styled Us for a Week!

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We had our Principal, Mrs. Herrera, dress us for a week. She picked her favorite pieces from our wardrobe and created super stylish outfits. We asked a few people what they thought of the outfits. Take a look for yourself and decide if your Principal has good fashion skills.

Outfit #1

Porch #1

“It fits well for this weather, it’s not too hot, not to cold, I really like the flowers. It looks really good. I rate this outfit a good 8.5” -Michael

“I think your outfit is very unique. The shirt has a Japanese twist to it. I like it, it’s very flowery, very summery, and good for hot weather. I rate this outfit a 9.5” -Brianna

Selen #1

“It looks pretty comfy. I feel like it’s a little showy, but it looks really good. I like the style, I like that the cardigan is knitted. Out of ten I would rate this outfit a 9” -Victor

“It looks nice, it looks really stylish. I like how it’s a mix between summer and fall. I really like the color scheme.” -Keren


Outfit #2

Porch #2

“I think your outfit really stands out and shows your love for drake. I hope you meet him one day because you’re so obsessed. I really like your jeans. I give it 8/10 because I don’t really like Drake.” –Briann

I thought the mash up of the faces was really creative. You certainly rocked it. I give it a 7.5/10.” –Michael

Selen #2

“It’s really stylish, I like the jean on jean. A lot of people would say that denim doesn’t go on denim, but you pull it off very well. I give this outfit a 9/10” -Keren

“I think this outfit looks really nice. I like the flannel, the color is a really nice sky-blue. It looks like a really relaxing outfit. I’d rate it a 9.4” -Victor

Outfit #3

Porch #3

“I really like this outfit, but I’m being biased because I really like flowers. It’s a good sunny day for this outfit. I give this outfit an 8 out of 10.” -Michael

“This outfit looks very vintage. The jeans look really cool and old-fashioned. The Jesus sandals also make it stand out. I’d give this outfit a 10/10” -Brianna

Selen #3

“This outfit has a little bit of a hippy vibe to it, but it looks really nice. I really like the pockets on the jeans, they look really cool. I think it would look better if the shirt was cropped a little more, but it still looks really good. I’d give this outfit a 7.5” -Keren

“I like this outfit because it looks old-fashioned and laid back. I like the jeans, I think the pockets are really cool. I rate this outfit an 8/10” -Victor

Outfit #4

Porch #4

“This outfit makes you look like an Instagram model. I really like the pink on your skin tone. You look like Barbie. I’d give this outfit an 8.5” -Brianna

“This outfit makes you look really girly. The pink looks really good on you. I rate this outfit an 8” -Michael

Selen #4

“I really like the shirt, I think it’s really cute and the colors are really nice. The outfit looks really good, but I think I would have gone with darker shorts. Also, I would swap out the vans for some sandals. Overall, I think it’s look pretty cool. I rate this outfit a 7” -Keren

“I think it’s really nice and modern. I think the shirt goes really well with the shorts. Out of all of the outfits, this one is my favorite. I rate this outfit a 10/10” -Victor


Keren Vega (12)

Brianna Shantel (12)








Michael Labastida (12)

Victor Rivera (12)








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