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Newspaper Fashion Show

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Thursday August 30th Mrs.Diaz held a newspaper fashion show and invited many of the on campus staff. Her 4th period class put in so much hard work in designing this dresses out of newspaper and it showed!

“ I think the fashion show went extremely well, lots of smiles. It seemed like everyone really enjoyed it and had lots of fun! I was very nervous yet excited at the same time. I think I was a great model considering I wore a dress made out of newspaper.” – Savannah Arias (12)

“ I feel really good about the creation that my group and I made. I’m really excited to see the hard work we did and I’m really proud of everyone’s work. We we’re scared for the due day but then it got pushed back and we were happy for that because we got more time. Overall I was proud of everyone’s dresses.” – Allan H (12)

“I feel like everyone did amazing work; they only had a few days to work on this fashion show and it was a success. All the dresses were unique and pretty in their own way.” – Luz Quezada (12)

“ I thought it was a really cool thing to do. I’m really nervous although I’m not the one wearing and modeling the dress. We all have a part in this fashion somehow. I got the part as a narrator to give a summary about the dress my group and I made.” – Andrea Rodriguez (12)

“ I think the fashion show exceeded my expectations. The students did great and I couldn’t be prouder. I love teaching, I think it is a perfect fit for my personality and I love being able to share my knowledge with the students. I did the newspaper fashion show because it was a fun project to have the students learn how to work with different textiles and for them to see their design being worn.”-Mrs.Diaz

“I think the fashion show went well. Everyone was involved and did their part. I feel like I could’ve done better but I was a last minutes model.”-Cindy Velazquez (12)


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