What is Your Favorite Disney Movie?

Many people enjoy watching Disney movies, it always brings back memories from our childhood. My favorite Disney movie is Toy Story because I would always watch it growing up with my siblings.

“My favorite Disney movie is Beauty and Beast, its also my favorite princess movie. I also enjoy going to Disneyland because it reminds me of all the Disney characters.”- Maricor Acosta (11, right)
“The Incredibles is my favorite movie. Something I like about the movie is all the special effects. My favorite part was when the family was fighting the robot ball.”-David Garcia (9)










“Lion King is my favorite Disney movie. I enjoy watching it because lions are my favorite animals. My favorite part is when Timon and Pumbaa meet.”-Ivan Mahusay (10)
“Cinderlla is my favorite Disney movie because she is really humble and takes care of everyone. I would always watch it growing up and it reminds me about my childhood.”-Britany Rodriguez(12)










“My favorite Disney movie is Monsters Inc. I like this movie because its about a monster taking care of a child. When I was little I could relate to it because I was scared of my closet because I would think a monster would come out when I looked inside of it.”-Emily Orozco (12)