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Aloha SEN19R Season!

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About the Writers
Mariah Arellano, Editor-in-Chief

Hey there everyone its Mariah! Super excited to be back in action with my right hand Frieennnd Charlotte! I am this years Yearbook Editor-in-Chief! Its super crazy because only last year I was just a reporter who made her way to Sports Editor and now Editor-in-Chief?! I am super excited for this year and what’s to come! Besides the PT’s and Yearbook making I am a pretty swell person. I am a 3 year Varsity Softball player and I dabble in the art of Golf. I love Sports with a passion! I am a die hard Dodgers fan #LosDoyers. I also love my friends very much they push me to do things I wouldn’t even think of doing #Maaaps! I hope this year is a great one because you know Sen19r Sznn!

Jose Perez, Photography/Video Editor

Hello.. my name is Jose Perez, and I am a sports photographer back for another year with the Panther Tales. Being in the Panther Tales last year was a whole new experience for me, I went to sporting events that personally I wouldn’t go to, but to take pictures was a lot of fun. There were other events as well, but I prefer sporting events.