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Where Would You Like to Travel to?

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There are many beautiful places around the world. Every year during summer many people have difficulty choosing where to travel because of the many different places to go. I personally would like to travel to Cancun Mexico and FIJI. I would go to the beaches, explore their culture, and especially eat their foods. It’s been my dream to travel to different places. I would like to experience different things and traveling is one of them.

“If I did have the money for it, I would love to travel back to my home country, the Philippines. I’ve got so many family members over there and it’s been so long since I’ve seen them. Plus I haven’t really experienced much since I left at a young age, so I’d love to continue that and get the feel of what I’ve missed for so many years.” -Jesonfel Laya (11)

” I would like to travel to Puerto Vallarta because of the beautiful beaches.”-Julie Alonso(10 right) “I would like to travel to Paris because It’s beautiful. I’ve been wanting to go, since I was in sixth grade.”-Jennifer Ramos (10 left)
















“I would like to travel everywhere. Why one place if I could travel to more then one place.”-Elijah Olivas (9)

“Japan because of how different their culture is compared to ours. Also because they have different foods I would like to try.”-Enrique Murillo (12)












“Bora bora because it’s really beautiful and I think it’ll be a good part of the world.”- Gabriel Espinoza (11)